Welcome to our latest UK Gender Pay Gap Report comparing pay and bonus data for Accolade Wines employees in the UK.

I would like to start by emphasising in clear terms our dedication to improving the diversity of our workforce at all levels, in particular at the management and senior executive levels. Accolade Wines is staunchly committed to the principles of fairness and equity and it is important that we live up to these in the workplace.

It is also important to stress that this report does not compare pay for men and women fulfilling the same role. We fully endorse the concept of ‘equal pay for equal work’ and ensure this is implemented wherever possible through the use of a robust and transparent benchmarking and job evaluation framework. Supporting this, within our UK industrial workforce, pay is fixed by collective bargaining agreements.

Instead, the aim of this report is to compare the overall pay and bonus gap at an average level across the UK workforce as a whole.

Diversity in the workplace is important from both a moral and also a commercial perspective because organisations that better reflect the societies they serve are increasingly found to be more productive, more creative, and ultimately more successful.

We recognise that there has been a historic under-representation of women in senior roles at Accolade Wines, i.e. those that attract the highest salaries.

I am therefore pleased to reveal that we have been taking practical, active steps to attract and retain more female talent.  We have introduced gender balanced shortlists for hiring into senior positions and a dedicated mentoring and educational program specifically designed to develop female talent.

We are also working to add more balance to our industrial workforce, with a commitment to identifying and removing barriers to women considering a career in manufacturing.

As the success of these initiatives bears fruit, we are confident of encouraging greater diversity throughout the organisation.

I confirm that this data is accurate as of the snapshot date of 5 April 2018.

Anjanette Murfet
General Manager, People and Communications

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