Amid the ongoing impact of COVID-19, our number one priority is the health and safety of Accolade Wines employees, our partners, suppliers and customers.

We have taken guidance from the appropriate government agencies, health authorities and our Heath, Safety and Environment team on what role we can play ensure a safe working and trading environment for all.

At all our sites, we have introduced COVID-safe operating procedures to ensure hygiene and social distancing protocols are rigorously observed.

The ongoing working arrangements at all our sites will continue to be under review in line with local circumstances.

Accolade Wines would like to thank all our staff for their continued support, flexibility and commitment in adapting to these challenging circumstances and ensuring our ongoing business success.

Information for consumers – Cellar Doors

Our cellar doors are subject to different restrictions depending on where they are located.

For more information, please follow the links below:

South Australia


St Hallett

Grant Burge


Banrock Station

Berri – Open to visitors, subject to COVID-19 operating restrictions


Bay of Fires (includes House of Arras and Eddystone)



Western Australia

Brookland Valley (includes Houghton)

New Zealand

Waipara Hills

Information for customers (retailers & on-premise) and suppliers

We continue to work closely with our retail and on-premise customers and suppliers to ensure the impacts of the virus are mitigated and to support them as much as we can during this period.

In Australia, we have launched our ‘Your Venue, Our Shout’ package offering new and existing on-premise customers incredible deals on our wines, including complimentary restocking for the first month and a significant discount for six months thereafter. For more details on this offer, click here,

If you have any further questions about any part of this, please speak to your Accolade Wines representative or contact our Corporate Communications team at:

Anjanette Murfet
Chief People and Communications Officer