Following Flagstone’s Time Manner Place Pinotage (2014) earning five stars in the 2017 Platter’s South African Wine Guide, Flagstone’s Writers Block Pinotage (2015) has been awarded a 5* rating in the guide’s 2018 edition.

Platter’s Guide is described as South Africa’s ‘first and still best-selling wine annual.’

This isn’t the first time Writer’s Block has been recognised for its quality. The same vintage secured Double Gold at the 2017 Veritas Wine Awards and was named among a list of Top Pinotage at the South Africa Terroir Wine Awards. It also consistently features in the annual ABSA Top 10 Pinotage awards.

This is largely due to Flagstone’s Head Winemaker – ‘King of Pinotage’ Gerhard Swart – and his obsessive passion for the varietal.

Gerhard’s mantra is to ‘remain true to the wine,’ achieved through his meticulous attention to detail coupled with a thorough understanding of Pinotage from vineyard to cellar. It’s this understanding of the varietal that allows him to craft some of the most delicious, complex wines imaginable.